Sunday, December 14, 2014

Spring Breaks

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1989  The General Idea

1990  Spring Break / Leg Break

1992  Shuss!  The Hooded Warbler

1993  Camp Jubilee

1994  Air Sensor and Ichthtysaur

1995  In Search of Hell

1996  Canyon Gaudaloupe

1997  Dog Ball Lottery and things that go bang!

1998  Iren and Stefan + Mr. Potato Head

1999  Search for the Sun,  Find the Unabomber instead

2000  Becomes..., Ronnie and the dog's Excellent Adventure

2001  Excellent Adventure to the Southwest

2002  The worst of times.  The best of times

2004  The Mojave Wilderness

2005  Lolli, Ed and Suzanne join me for highlights of my solo trip.

2006  All our favorites, Kelso Depot, Lava Tubes, Afton Canyon etc. etc,

2007  We try to do it all!

2008  Our 19th Annual Spring Break.  Or is it the 18th?

2016 Spring Break (the last one??)

Summer Breaks

The Vacation or Visit?

Dardo and I do Hot springs

Damn Frogs!

1994  North to Alaska.

1997  Summer Vacation to the Southwest.

1997  Black Rock Land Speed Record

Turkeys in the Wilderness

2003  Retired Guy and his Bride

2004  East to Nebraska

2006  Fall Haul  (Panamint City hike)

2008  High Sierra Backpacking trip with Pete and Dave

2009  Solo Backpacking trip into the Yolla Bolly

2009  Solo Backpacking trip over McGee Pass

2011  Bicycling from Fort Bragg, CA to Wolf Point, MT

2013 Bicycle the Olympic Peninsula

2014  Bicycling the North Cascade Highway