Monday, October 6, 2014

SOBs do the 2014 Konocti Challenge

Whoa!  Twenty, count 'em, 20 SOBs and groupies showed up for the 2014 Konocti Challenge.

We had been trying to get in shape for this ride for several months.  Daily rides of eleven miles, occasional rides of thirty and even forty miles.

Most of us had decided to enter the 40 mile.  Two went for the 65 and one did the 20.

But first, the pre-ride dinner the night before.

Eighteen of us showed up for Mexican at Angel's in Finley.  Great food and lots of it.
Bob was the only one I noticed that was able to finish the "Small Plate Burrito!!

After dinner we dispersed for the night to various locations around Clearlake.  Bruce hosted Bob, Dean, Jack, Jim and me at his lakeside house.  Thanks again, Bruce!

At 7:00 AM Jack and Dean took off on the 65 mile loop around Clearlake.

At 8:00 the majority of us gathered for a photo op and the start of our 40 mile ride.

Bruce, who let five of us stay at his summer place did the 20 mile and strange to say, he was the only one to have a flat.  Make that two!!!

The Konocti Challenge features excellent rest stop vying for votes from the cyclists.  They really go all out to entertain and feed us.

Here is the Wizard of Oz stop with the Yellow Brick Road.

Where we were greeted.  SOB Rose between Dorothy and the Lion and the Good Witch.

And the Bad Witch!!

Rolling, rolling.  Very nice ride through Scott's Valley.

Amazing old barns and farm houses.

Turning into another Rest Stop.

Spiderman greeted us!!  Along with more great food and drinks.

Back to the finish line and a well deserved rest and lunch!!
Tri-Tip, Barbie Chicken, Baked Beans, Pasta, Green Salad, Wine and Beer and Ice Cream Sandwiches!!

Oh mama!  I gained two pounds!!

Post Ride Photos.

SOB Jim and the Konocti Challenge Director, Jennifer.

SOB Rose and Stan.

Left to right.
Stan, Rose, Ed-O, Grahame, Bill, Pat, Ron, Crystal, Gary, Jack, Bob kneeling, Bruce, Valerie, Allen kneeling, Dean, Sid and Jim.
Missing from photo, Elaine, Martha and Grahame's wife.

Pretty darn good turn-out for the Fort Bragg SOBs!!

The weather was perfect.  Clear as a bell.  No wind.  48 degrees at 6:00 AM.  94 degrees by 4:00 PM when we were all in the shade kicking back!

Everyone had a great time!  Excellent!