Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Annual Birthday Ride

Here it is time AGAIN for my Annual Birthday Ride!  Seems like I did one just a year ago.

We SOB's have a tradition of riding our miles on our birthday.  Well, some of us do.

I decided to do my "Birthday Ride" a day early because of the weather forecast.

Monday morning Jennifer and Joy arrive and take my photo at 8:00 SHARP.

As you can see I am going for the Guinness Record as the only man in the world to ride 77 miles on the day before his 77th birthday wearing a Tutu.  I think I have a good chance!

My plan is to stick to the smooth Noyo Headlands trail and skip the State Park Haul Road which is very bumpy with a lot of pot holes.  I want smooth riding so I don't aggravate my right knee which has been on the fritz lately.  I have measured the Noyo Headland trail from Pudding Creek Trestle to the turn around at the south end of the Headland trail.  It is seven miles "round trip".  All we need to do is eleven laps.

We complete two laps and it is time to join the SOB's in the Skunk Train Parking Lot for the 10:00 SHARP BHRR.  (Basic Haul Road Ride)  We take off and part way along the Headland trail we stop for a photo near Eiler's Bench.

When we reach the Trestle Bridge the rest of the mob continues on to Ward Ave while my posse and I turn around and continue laps on the Headland Trail.

11:45 AM we arrive at Zappa's for debrief and I am surprised with the Happy Birthday song, cake , coffee and gifts!!

Mom loves his SOBs.

Resume the ride at 12:30PM.

Lolli walk out to Compass Point with snackage around 2:30 PM.

A nice little boost!!

On the last lap my posse and I take our last break at Eiler's Bench.

Joy and Jennifer have stayed with me all day and completed this year's birthday rides and logged "extra miles" for the future!!

It was a hoot and they really kept the ride from getting boring.

At 5:30 PM we are back at my place with exactly 77.01 miles on the Garmin!

Here's the details.

My butt is sore, my knees ache but my heart, lungs and legs are Awesome!!

I am a lucky guy.

Thanks you all for the Birthday wishes and gifts.

Happy Happy.