Thursday, June 30, 2011

Missoula, Montana!

A 54 mile day including Lolo Pass, a 5,270 foot climb and decent.  Not bad for an old man.  I seem to be getting stronger.  At least my legs and lungs are.  My butt and palms still bother me.  Hopefully they will get better too.  I talked to Lolli last night for the first time in six days, (no AT&T across Idaho).  Things are still the same with her mom so I have decided to press on.  East, ever east.  I'm starting to entertain the idea of Mechanicsburg, PA.  Got an Aunt and Cousin there.  They might let me use the shower for free!!  :-o

So.  In Missoula I am taking a day off, visiting Adventure Cycling Association and buying 80 dollars worth of bicycling maps to see me across the northern part of America.  Ronnie's 70th Adventure continues.

Here's some photos from along the Clearwater River, HWY 12 through Idaho.  A beautiful ride.

 That's my bike on the bridge.

And I have been meeting the nicest and most interesting fellow bike travelers.

Thanks to Adventure Cycling Association for letting me use this computer and finally do an update with photos.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Solstice!

I spent Summer Solstice in a very nice small campground beside a stream; Lewis and Clark Trail State Park.  80 degrees, mice shade and few mosquitoes.  Just five miles from a very nice town called Waitsburg, WA on Hwy 12, eastern Washington.

The night before was spent in a very windy "dry camp" that had ticks!!!

I have crossed most of Washington/Oregon West to East via the Columbia River.  I was in rain until the Dalls and then sunshine and sagebrush took over!!  I find I like sage brush much more than skunk cabbage!

Fortunately I have been traveling with the wind "up the gorge" and had two days of 65 miles each!  A record. for me!  Also, I have over 1,100 miles under my belt for this Adventure.

Current thinking is to continue on to Clarkston, WA and then across Idaho to Missoula, MT., following the Adventure Cycling Association maps.  Various folks have mentioned Lolo Pass, others talk about snow, melting snow and flooding.  Sounds like and Adventure!

Sorry for the sparce reporting.  Things are getting far and wee!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Okay. Plan B it is.

I snagged a ride from Coupeville to Elger Bay with my brother and then a ride from Elger Bay to Vancouver, WA with our friend Suzanne.  Today, she is hauling me to Troutdale, Oregon where I will remount my bicycle and "finally" start heading east.  There is about 78 miles of "Old Historic Highway" along the Columbia River which is popular with hikers and bikers.  I will see how that goes and then decide just how much more "East" I really want to do.  I have really lost momentum these past few weeks due to easy living amongst friends and family.  It will be interesting to see if I can get my show back on the road!  I hear the sun is "out" east of the Cascades.  We'll see!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Remember me?

 As you may remember, my Lolli came and rescued me from the downpour in northern Oregon, Seaside, to be exact.  I spent several days in Shoreline, Wa and then we went to my mother-in-law's cabin on Elger Bay, Camano Island!  Above photo taken just in front of the cabin looking towards Whidbey Island.  I mention Whidbey Island because that was my next adventure, to ride from Elger Bay to Coupeville via Deception Pass.  My brother and his wife live in Coupeville.

I had a beautiful ride the first day from Elger Bay to Deception Pass State Park.  A total of 49.66 miles, my longest and easiest ride this trip!  Deception Pass State Park receives my lowest rating for a hiker/biker camp of this whole Adventure.  $12.00 for hker/biker, no view and half a mile hike to the shower which required pre-purchased tokens which cost fifty cents each for three minutes.  Plus the almost endless roar of the Navy Jets practicing at Whidbey Island Naval Air!  I wished I had stealth camped.  As a bonus I woke to rain!

Pack and onward to Coupeville.  Light drizzle!
I experienced my first crash!  I was riding through the parking lot of a supermarket watching out for traffic and hit a monster speed bump!  It tossed my handle bar pannier up and out of the holder onto the street right before me.  I ran into it and dumped me and the bike onto the blacktop!  I only lightly skinned my right knee and experienced a slight wrenching of my neck.  Embarrassed more than hurt and lucky besides, I regathered myself and pressed on.  E-gad!

22.20 miles I arrived at my brothers house; his wife Marilyn waiting with a towel to dry me off!!
The sun did come out in the late afternoon and once again I spread out my tent and stuff to once again dry!
Today, the 8th of June I got up at 5:30 to go with my brother on his daily early morning walk.
My plan is to hang out until a plan forms!!
I could bike to the ferry and cross the Straits to Port Townsend and resume biking the Pacific Coast Adventure Cycling Association route down to Astoria, Oregon or, I could bike to the south end of  Whidbey and take the ferry to the "mainland" and Shoreline, then catch a ride to Vancouver, WA. with my friend Suzanne, get dropped off and head east on the Lewis and Clark bike trail up the Columbia River Gorge.
Currently I am watching the weather forecasts. (which don't look good.)
I have had about enough rain!  Leaning towards the Columbia River option.
836 miles traveled via bike so far.